Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Inc.


Company Profile

Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. is a full service multi-disciplinary consulting engineering design firm established in 1994. From 1986 through 1994 we operated under the name Zimmerman Consulting prior to incorporating as Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. Our firm specializes in the design and evaluation of building mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering systems. Our engineers have expertise in upgrading and retrofitting these systems.

Our experience shows that there is a better way to assure "efficient and economical" design than just sifting through solutions. We've learned that listening to and understanding the client and their needs, and then documenting what we've heard and understood, creates that critical channel of communication between engineer and client that becomes the key to the door that leads from good design to successful projects.

Allied Consulting offers design and consulting services for both the private and public sectors. Our clients include members of the building design community, industrial and manufacturing companies, building developers and contractors, as well as, financial, medical and educational institutions. Our skill and experience communicating with clients and contractors complements our skills as designers, and helps assure the success of the entire project team. Our experience in universities, restaurants and kitchens, hotels, high-end residences, multi-family housing, health care, municipal buildings and "high tech" manufacturing makes us the right choice for many new construction and renovation projects.

Allied Consulting’s areas of expertise include Building Systems Troubleshooting, Facilities Engineering, Value Engineering, Building Systems Programming, Project Management, Construction Cost Estimates, Commissioning, Building Systems Design Review, and design of Central Steam and Chilled Water Plants.

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